First record of Satyr Pug for 160 years.

On 28th August last year a friend kindly invited me along to go through his traps at a coastal site on Gower.
There was a pug which we immediately realised was unfamiliar. However, the distinctive chequered veins and the straight forewing leading edge made it an easy match for the illustrations in British Moths of Satyr Pug.
But…. There were two problems with this ID. a) The distribution map shows that this moth does not occur in south Wales and b) the single generation flight period is May-June.
We retained the moth for the County Recorder to check who has now confirmed by dissection that this is, indeed, a female Satyr Pug. The only previous record for the county was in 1857.
Amazing what turns up; we’ll have to have another look in the area this summer. Perhaps it is just overlooked.

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