Web Links

Butterfly Conservation – Conserving moths, butterflies and their habitats
Moths Count – National Moth Recording Scheme. County Recorders list
UK Moths – Ian Kimber’s comprehensive British moths site
Moths Ireland  All the moths of Ireland by Angus Tyner
British Leafminers – All British leaf mines including lepidoptera
Gelechiid Recording Scheme – Run by Steve Palmer
UK Lepidoptera – Jeff Higgott’s UK lepidoptera photos
UKLeps.org – Eggs, larvae, pupae and adult lepidoptera by Reg Fry
Apex Business Support – Specialist suppliers of Entomological, Wild Life and Photographic websites
DG Countryside
– Moth ID courses in exciting locations with Dave Grundy
Atropos – The site and Journal devoted to lepidoptera and odonata
ALS Supplies
 – Entomology supplies, light traps etc.
MapMate – Popular biological recording software
Las Descargues – Moth and wildlife holidays in a 300 year old farm in Lot, Southern France
Lot Moths – a site that catalogues the moths found at Las Descargues, run by Robin Howard
The Entomologist’s Record Peer-reviewed papers mostly concerning British Lepidoptera
Watkins & Doncaster Suppliers of entomological equipment for 140 years
Butterflies of Cuba Covers the 196 butterflies and much other wildlife on the island of Cuba.
Bournemouth Natural Science Society  Natural history museum with collections including taxidermy, insects, fossils, minerals and Egyptology.


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